Free Gestures

Free Gestures is an encounter between choreography, literature, and the format of an exhibition. The title of the exhibition includes a double meaning that only comes across in the original Polish, Wolne Gesty. Wolne comes from wolność, which means freedom, while powolność is slowness. If we refer to the slowness of gestures then perhaps we can see the dance in it.

Maria Anto

First such extensive review of the artist’s paintings since her death in 2007.

The Joy of New Constructions

(Post)war utopias of Marian Bogusz

Artistic Dziekanka


Beyond the Desk

International Office Art Biennale during Warsaw Gallery Weekend, NOT FAIR 2017

Tamam Shud

Your legs are compassion

Pamoja Goods

Design and performance matosekniezgoda for Razem Pamoja Foundation

Summer Display for Przekrój

Summer display for “Przekroj” magazine Bolesław Prus bookshop Warsaw, June 2017

Opole Festival seen from the backstage

Exhibition presenting projects of festival stage design from 70′ and 80′