#Poligon Art Space

#POLIGON is 150 square meters of a deserted apartment located on Nowogrodzka Street in the center of Warsaw. Courtesy of No.4.fr, Matosek/Niezgoda Studio has adopted the space for exhibition experiments. The idea is to surpass the concept of a traditional gallery: here, the art message is communicated not only through objects and curatorial narration, but also by with employing the space design. Matosek/Niezgoda Studio intends to create exhibitions as situations — environments, in which the viewers can immerse themselves. Each artistic manoeuvre at #POLIGON will takes place just once and has a specific timeframe.

The Gangway

Poligon, Nowogrodzka 4 September 2015 “The Gangway” consists of seven solo exhibitions. Each of them is an expression of author’s attitude towards contemporary photography. Taken together, they are a statement of a group identity of artists from around the world,

The Art of Nothing / No Show Museum

„A breathtaking journey to the most remote regions of thinking“ (Annabelle Nr. 06/15)

One Minute Show

artists: Magdalena Angulska Krzysztof Bagiński GoŁa (Zuza Golińska, Magdalena Łazarczyk) Tymon Nogalski Polen Performance (Justyna Łoś, Mikołaj Sobczak)  Monika Skomra Piotr Urbaniec curator: Tomek Pawłowski Poligon, Nowogrodzka 4 September 2015 film: CHABRY Z POLIGONU ONE MINUTE SHOW / Poligon Art Space


Are we submerged in the same time, that rottens the watermelons?


New edition of The Loop series by Paweł Wocial

Unreal Estate

The space of the flat in Nowogrodzka 4 became a site for interventions by artists ― Anna Maria Luczak, Karolina Melnicka and Gregor Rozanski ― working within dispositions of urban space in the context of transitions from the analogue to digital era; from the political to technological transformation.


18th June 2015 Art Space #Poligon, Nowogrodzka 4 artist: Jakub Gliński space design: Matosek/Niezgoda more


Performative exhibition in cooperation with Czulosc Gallery

Creeping Reality

First of a series of transient art projects held by at Matosek/Niezgoda #POLIGON during the 2015 summer season 2015.