Creeping Reality

Matosek/Niezgoda #POLIGON
Nowogrodzka 4/4 piętro
may 2015

curator: Judyta Nekanda-Trepka
author: Olga Czyżykiewicz
concept and space design: Matosek/Niezgoda

#POLIGON is 150 square meters of a deserted apartment located on Nowogrodzka Street in the center of Warsaw. Courtesy of, Matosek/Niezgoda Studio has adopted the space for exhibition experiments. The idea is to surpass the concept of a traditional gallery: here, the art message is communicated not only through objects and curatorial narration, but also by with employing the space design. Matosek/Niezgoda Studio intends to create exhibitions as situations — environments, in which the viewers can immerse themselves. Each artistic manoeuvre at #POLIGON will takes place just once and has a specific timeframe.