Gallery of Polish Design

Permanent exhibition in National Museum in Warsaw
December 2017

curators: Anna Maga, Anna Dembska, Anna Frąckiewicz, Kaja Muszyńska
implementation: Castellum / Custom Cube
coorination: Zuzanna Jamrozik
design: Piotr Matosek and Paulina Tyro-Niezgoda in cooperation with Zuzanna Bujacz-Jaworska

Permanent exhibition presenting 100 years of Polish design. All objects come from the collections of the National Museum in Warsaw. The exhibition is divided into two parts: a chronological one, arranged in the form of a storied time line, where at each level the projects of utility objects in various categories are presented: glass, ceramics, paper, fabric and metal. Part of the collection placed in a large, black case are objects collected in accordance with the thematic division: industrial design, design for children and design with an ethno thread.