The image of the Golden Age. Temporary exhibition at the Wawel Royal Castle

Competition for the development of the temporary exhibition Image of the Golden Age. Paintings during the time of the last Jagiellons (1501-1572) at the Wawel Royal Castle

December 2022

The artistic concept of the interior design of the Parliamentary Hall is based on a contrasting juxtaposition of the historical interior with the modern design of the exhibition elements, quoting Renaissance forms. The display case, in which the Wawel heads are shown, refers to the shape of a cabinet – a piece of furniture on a frame raised on a frame.

The design of the display elements uses neutral colors of white and metallic gray RAL 7048 Perlmausgrau. The color and texture of the varnish used will allow you to obtain the effect of delicate shimmering of the surface of the showcase, subtly referring to the image of the golden age.

An additional stage design and color element is a light animation in the form of organic color patches, taken from the colors of the presented objects. Thanks to such a procedure, the whiteness of the walls of the Parliamentary Hall takes on a locally delicate color directly quoted from the work.